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This solo debut album delivers an Americana blend of vintage rock, reggae, blues, and vocal harmony. Written, composed, and produced by Josh Allen, it's a fiery narrative of internal conflict and impassioned dreams that come with growing up. As a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter, Josh Allen began recording and performing in San Diego, California in 2005. After moving to Manhattan a few years later, he began work on "Wealth in Youth", a project that evolved with each new step into the urban experience. In this positive lyrical journey through life in the Midwest, to the beaches of Southern California, and further on to pursuing music in New York City, each song projects a sense of confidence and contentment, and the excitement that comes with every new day.

In the pursuit of more stage performances at Manhattan and Brooklyn venues, the live shows would eventually pave a path to the debut album release on October 5, 2013 at Sullivan Hall in Greenwich Village. And now, backed by an eclectic group of musician friends, Josh's Tape brings this sound to life on stage.


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